Audio | Thrive NYC Lends an Ear to Southeast Queens

September 22, 2018 (Duration 1:00)
Host: Mankaprr Conteh

[Host] First Lady of New York City Chirlaine McCray and her Thrive NYC staff, are keeping their ears to the ground. The signature mental health program, launched their “I Hear You Brother & Sister” listening tour, in Jamaica, Queens, on Thursday night. Carolyn Adams of the NYC News Service reports.

[Body] According to Northwell Health, the highest rates of mental illness in Queens have been found in its Southeastern neighborhoods. Thrive NYC hosted more than 150 residents and community leaders to discuss what needs to be done.

The group was divided by gender, but attendees wanted similar things: more providers of color, support for new mothers, and creative solutions to engage hard-working parents in local PTAs.

One representative from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, seemed hopeful, stating that communities are capable of change, when everyone is equipped with the same language around mental health. Thrive NYC is committed to doing just that.

I’m Carolyn Adams, with the NYC News Service.